Why do the sailors have a large blue collar?

     Why do the sailors have a large blue collar?

It has become a traditional sight that of the navy handsome white or blue uniform, trimmed at the top by a large blue collar with some white edges. But in fact: why is it blue? And why so broad?


Why do the sailors have a large blue collar?

The blue collar goes back to the times when men wore long hair. Not in the 1968, but in the golden age of pirates and corsairs, many centuries ago. At the time (already!) sailors did not escape the fashion. They wore long hair… and dirty!

But laundry on boats was not their strong point. Then, in order not to wash too often the white uniform, which soon found itself grey in the upper back, a large collar was added, separate to the costume. When it was dirty, it was removed and replaced by a clean one, thanks to a rudimentary system of pressures.

Et Voilà!  Till next blog… A bientôt.

Would you have more history about the Navy square collar to add? It would be great…



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